Ultimate TV Mom Quiz

Test your knowledge of these iconic characters who have shaped families, storylines, and our own perceptions of motherhood.

From the fiercely protective to the hilariously quirky, TV mothers have captured our hearts with their wisdom, humor, and unwavering love.

So, whether you grew up watching these shows or simply appreciate the role of TV mothers in pop culture, get ready to reminisce and discover fascinating facts about some of the most beloved maternal figures in television history.

Let’s dive in and see how well you truly know the moms who made us laugh, cry, and feel right at home in front of the small screen!”


What is the name of the mom on The Brady Bunch?

What was Fred Flintstones wife's name?

Who played Claire Huxtable on the Cosby Show?

What was the name of this mom on Who's the Boss?

What was this mom's name?

Tami Taylor played a mom on which sports related tv show?

June was the name of the mother on this tv show which debuted in 1957.

This mother is forced to live as a concubine in the dystopian Handmaid's Tale.

This mother was famous for “moving on up.”

Who is this classic cartoon mom?

Do know the name of this matriarch from Arrested Development?

She was the mother of the space travelling Robinson family.

Who is this famous mom from The Jetsons?

What sitcom was this mom from?

How many children did Lucy have with Ricky Ricardo?

Name the beloved sitcom this mother played on.

What long running CBS drama featured this mom?

Name this spooky mother.

Perhaps one of the greatest mother characters in sitcom history. Who played Sophia on Golden Girls?

Name the popular 90's sitcom this famous mom starred in.

This show featured a different kind of mother, the mother of dragons.

She was mom to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

How many children did this famous mom have in the self-titled Roseanne?

What actress/singer played this mom in the hit series This is Us?

This animated mom is actually voiced by John Roberts, a male actor.

This famous mom played herself in the long running series that debuted in 1952. What was her last name?

Yvonne De Carlo played this feisty matriarch in what spooky sitcom?

Who is this tough fictional detective and mother?

How many daughters does Meredith Grey have on the show Grey's Anatomy?

What popular drama featured this mom?

This single mother and her teen daughter were the stars of this dramedy in the early 2000's.

She was the matriarch of the Ingalls family.

Mary Tyler Moore played this character who was a former dancer with a USO troupe in this comedy series.

Mel Harris played this “Thirtysomething” character in the late 1980's and early 1990's.

Who was this matriarch of the Bunkers?

Which actress played Michael J. Fox's mom on the hit show Family Ties?

Can you name this famous tv mom?

This actress played Fred MacMurray's second wife on the 1960's sitcom My Three Sons.

Francis Conroy played the fictional mom of the dysfunctional family who ran a funeral home in Los Angeles.

Married with Children featured this lazy, self indulgent fictional housewife and mother.

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