1970’s TV Show Quiz

TV Shows From the 1970s

Welcome to the Ultimate 1970s TV Shows Quiz, where we’ll journey back in time to revisit the golden era of television! The 1970s brought us an eclectic mix of iconic shows that not only entertained but also shaped the landscape of popular culture.

From groovy sitcoms to groundbreaking dramas, this quiz will test your knowledge on the small screen gems that captivated audiences during this unforgettable decade. So, buckle up for a nostalgic trip down memory lane as we celebrate the unforgettable characters, memorable catchphrases, and cultural phenomena that made the 1970s a remarkable era for television. Get ready to channel your inner couch potato and prove that you’re the ultimate ’70s TV aficionado!


1970s TV

Name this tv series that debuted in 1973

Who was the bartender on The Love Boat?

What did Fonzie call Joanie on Happy Days?

What city did Good Times take place in?

What was the theme song for Maude?

What was Grandpa's first name on the Waltons?

Which character was not one of Charlie's Angels?

What was the name of the family dog in The Brady Bunch?

What TV show featured the General Lee?

Which detective series had a character named “Huggy Bear” as an informant?

Who played Mary's boss in The Mary Tyler Moore Show?

The phrase “Jump the Shark” can be credited to which 1970s sitcom?

Which 1970s cop show starred David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser as undercover detectives in the city of LA?

What was the name of the family in the sitcom Good Times?

Who played Jim Rockford in the Rockford files?

Who played the iconic role of J.R. Ewing in the television series Dallas?

What was the profession of Mary Tyler Moore's character in The Mary Tyler Moore Show?

Who played the title character in the TV series Kojak?

In Laverne & Shirley, what was the name of the brewery where they worked?

In Happy Days, what was Fonzies real first name?

What year did Charlie's Angels debut?

Which 1970s detective series featured a laid-back, unconventional investigator named Jim Rockford?

How many children did Carol and Mike Brady have together in The Brady Bunch?

What was the name of the fictional New York City precinct in the TV series “Barney Miller”?

Who played the character of Lou Grant in the TV series The Mary Tyler Moore Show and its spin-off Lou Grant?

What was the name of Archie Bunker's daughter in All In the Family?

Which 1970s series featured a time-traveling police box known as the TARDIS?

In The Six Million Dollar Man, which government organization rebuilt Steve Austin with bionic parts?

Who did John Travolta play in the sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter?

Which 1970s sitcom featured The Fonz who was known for his catchphrase “Ayyyy”?

In The Mod Squad, what were the professions of the three main characters, Pete, Linc, and Julie?

Who played the iconic character of Hawkeye Pierce in the 1972-1983 TV series MASH?

Which Star Wars actor starred in the Eight is Enough pilot?

How many children did John and Olivia Walton have?

The first issue of what women's magazine featured Wonder Woman on the cover?

What was the name of the police captain in The Mod Squad?

“Just one more thing…” was which 70's detectives tagline?

Which 1970s detective show starred Karl Malden as a police detective and Michael Douglas as his partner?

Angie Dickinson played Sargeant Anderson in what 1970's show?

What was the nickname of the detective played by Telly Savalas in Kojak?

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