How Well Do You Know Three’s Company?

Welcome to the ultimate Three’s Company quiz, where we’ll take a delightful trip down memory lane to the sunny days of the late ’70s and early ’80s. Three’s Company was a beloved sitcom that brought uproarious laughter and heartwarming moments into living rooms across the world. Join us as we test your knowledge of this iconic show, its lovable characters, and the hilarious situations they found themselves in.

Get ready to relive the comical misadventures of Jack, Janet, Chrissy, and the unforgettable cast of characters who shared an apartment at 31 Bedford Street. From mistaken identities to zany misunderstandings, this show had it all!

So, if you think you can recall the hilarious antics of this unforgettable trio, it’s time to put your Three’s Company knowledge to the test.

Let’s get started!



What year did the Three’s Company premier?

Suzanne Sommers played which character?

Which neighbor constantly flirted with Jack?

What lie did Jack have to tell to move in to the apartment?

Who is this character who always gave Jack a hard time?

What was Mr. Roper’s wife’s name?

In Season 2, who played Jack’s Uncle who had a penchant for writing bad checks?

Which actress played Terri Alden?

Who is Jack’s best friend?

What was the name of the bar that they frequented?

Which show was NOT a spinoff of Three’s Company?

How many seasons did Suzanne Somers play Chrissy on the show?

What was Chrissy’s full first name on the show?

What was the name of the roommate Jack replaced?

What did Jack do for a living?

Finish this line from the Theme song “Come and knock on our door…”

Where did Janet work?

Which actor played the building manager who replaced Mr. Furley?

Where did the roommates first meet?

What was Jack’s brother’s name?

Where did the trio live?

What year did Three’s Company debut?

What was Jack’s last name?

In season 5, Chrissy is replaced by Cindy. What was their relationship?

Three’s Company aired for how many seasons?

Your score is